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Working with a talented team from around the country we can proudly produce any creative project for any purpose. For those with more niche requirements we build a bespoke team, allowing us to work with industry experts from varying fields, this enables us to have zero limitations on what we can achieve. If you need help with a creative project, big or small, drop us an email and we’d be more than happy to quote or assist you on your creative journey. Whether it be a trade show stand, an animation, a digital campaign or idea’s for your dream project… our creative team is here to help and inspire.

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Collins Classics

It felt apt to create an iconic cover treatment to give Harper Collins wonderful classic book stories justice. Taking key and poignant moments from the infamous stories, we illustrated and crafted monolithic style covers, often playing with positive and negative space. With a pronounced colour palette and letterform, these little covers look lovely sitting side-by-side on bookstore’s shelves.

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digital design


A simple to use, typographic led site which doesn’t rely on photography, perfect for members uploading their own content. By being realistic with our design solutions and improving site usability, we created a high functioning, easy to use site.

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promotional video

Mini MAC X Selfridges

To promote M.A.C’s Mini MAC range at Selfridges we designed a video using simple assets, on brand for Mini MAC but also complimenting Selfridges style.

brand activation


Firefly’s standard label design features black and white polaroids showing people ‘feeling fly’. We created an experience that allowed the public to have their photo taken and seamlessly printed onto a bottle that was theirs to keep. The activity involved a widely shared social media competition, with the winner’s photo printed on bottles nationwide.

visual merchandising


The bar has been set high for window display designs at Whole Foods flagship store in London Kensington. Especially with growing requests to use sustainable materials and create environmentally sound solutions. Gone are the days of foamex and correx, it’s time to design with Mother Nature being first in mind. This display is a great example of our eco windows, the ocean origami waves and torn paper layers are 100% recyclable. Gift Dopper and design sustainably, our oceans and world will thank you.



Matching Harvey Nichols tongue in cheek tone of voice we designed this covert themed beauty bag. The uncensored version included a few extra naughty items, we’ll leave this with your imagination….

conference stand


PepsiCo and BritVic had the main exhibition stand at the Tuki Convention Subway trade show conference. They asked us to design, build and install an interactive game that would create a bit of a buzz. Representing both Doritos and Pepsi, we fabricated an impossible crazy golf game made out of geometric, Dorito-shaped triangles. The large magnetic leader board - in the shape of a giant Pepsi bottle of course - provided a bit of friendly competition and encouraged team bonding.

premium packaging


A few lucky fashion influencers received a luxurious, bespoke box filled with stunning gifts from The Sports Edit, the worlds finest sportswear boutique. We designed a simple yet elegant ombré metallic pattern relevant to the collection, used delicately across various touch points, this give-away felt extra special.

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We have designed many covers for Harper Collins educational books. The overarching theme linking all series and age groups together are bold shapes and colours. Whether the shapes are repeated as a pattern, or used singularly and up-scaled, this simple treatment allows us to be creative within boundaries.

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visual merchandising


To compliment popchips’ fun image and Californian origins, we created a drive-in cinema themed window display, complete with neon signs communicating their cheeky slogans. Featured on screen was popchips’ promotional summer video, providing some sunny and light-hearted entertainment to passers-by on Kensington High Street.

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We can also help with your product photography by styling and creating interesting compositions for adverts and social media use. Enquire now using our contact form



The challenge: Bikes powering electric cars, a world record attempt. The celebration: Penta Hotels hosting an after party. From revolving wheels to spinning decks, this advert was created to turn heads!

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Black Tomato not only create bespoke, luxury holiday experiences, they provide once in a life time memories. We designed an animation to take their viewers on a magical journey, transporting them to other locations and giving them glimpses in to other cultural realms.



The great thing about animation is that it doesn’t have to be incredibly complex. Stepladders seemingly complicated processes needed a simple way to be broken down and explained step by step. We designed a visually engaging animation creating simple, bold characters who help lead you through their story making Stepladders premise easy to understand. Better than a long wordy paragraph of text or numbers heavy info graphic?… we think so!

brand activation


Window displays aren’t usually interactive, but we’re not a usual design agency. To create the tropical desert island effect we made hand painted, driftwood-style signs and covered the floor in golden sand with a blue lagoon edge. Customers were encouraged to enter the window and have their photo taken posing as Adam and Eve. The photos were shared, liked and during the month the interactive window display was live, sales of the coconut yoghurt increased in Whole Foods High Street Kensington store by 64%.

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