Collins Classics

We love the challenge of representing a long and often complicated storyline in a single image and letter. The colour choice reflects the subject and also works beautifully as a set. These little books have proved to be quite popular, Harper Collins have asked us to produce more batches for them, a challenge we are far more than willing to accept, we love working on these little books!

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We have designed many covers for Harper Collins educational books. The overarching theme linking all series and age groups together are bold shapes and colours.

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Other Projects

Working with a talented team from around the country we can proudly produce any creative project for any purpose. For those with more niche requirements we build a bespoke team, allowing us to work with industry experts from varying fields, this enables us to have zero limitations on what we can achieve. If you need help with a creative project, big or small, drop us an email and we’d be more than happy to quote or assist you on your creative journey. Whether it be a trade show stand, an animation, a digital campaign or idea’s for your dream project… our creative team is here to help and inspire.

brand activation

The Coconut Collaborative

Recreating a desert island scene we encouraged customers to enter the display, pose as Adam and Eve and share their photo’s. During the month the project was live, sales increased in Whole Foods High Street Kensington store by 64%.

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Still Life Shoots

We can also help with your product photography by styling and creating interesting compositions for adverts and social media use. Enquire now using our contact form

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